¤ 93 I need new glasses

September 28, 2008

I need new glasses. I feel like I don’t see anything.. When reading, doing cross stiches etc. I see better without them than with them.  – NOT meaning I see well without. I don’t even dare to go to the bathroom in the night without them.. that’s how bad I see. And on long distance they work.. in some way. But reading.. gaah! I feel like an old lady.. needing to read everything in large print. I’ve had these glasses since I was 15. Yep. Not kidding! Why are glasses so expensive?

Hubby is preparing something for me to eat.. I told him that I was both hungry and miserable and he has to get me something. Moahaha! (Usually I make sure he gets something to eat.. and also I’m in pain today.. so it’s kind’a his turn.) I think I’m gonna get a sandwich.. but you never know.



  1. Lol and what did the man make for you???

  2. I got a sandwich 🙂 Fancy!

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