¤ 92 Shana Tova

September 28, 2008

We are now going towards the tishrey holidays(holidays in the month Tishrey). To start with, we have Rosh haShana – the new year starts. So I’d like to say to all of you Happy new year!. That would be tomorrow evening, and we are celebrating until wednesday evening. Next week we have Yom Kippur, and the week after is The feast of Tabernacles.

So.. I just wanted to tell you that within the next few weeks I’m not sure I’ll have the time to keep myself updated with your blogs. Sorry! The holidays are this year in the middle of weeks.. witch means more or less double weekends/double preparations, and the kids are home from kindergarten A LOT. I’ll be busy – in mainly a nice way. We’ll spend more time together as a family. That’s what holidays are for.

I’ll sneek in here when I have some time left over..

So there you go.
Shana Tova!


One comment

  1. Happy New Year and have a great holiday.

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