¤ 91 Happy Birthday

September 27, 2008

Today our little girl had her third birthday. Happy birthday Sweetie!
We started the day with going in to her room at six in the morning, singing happy birthdays songs and giving her the presents in the bed(that’s how we do it). My parents were also here.. and later during the day also uncle Tal came for lunch and cake.. and she got the presents from hubby’s family.

It was a happy day with a lot of presents and she didn’t want to go to sleep in the evening. Usually she wants to sleep .. but she just didn’t want this day to end.

Btw. I think I told you in an earlier post that she wanted a cake with a lamb, and I didn’t know how to do it. It ended up like this:



  1. Such a beautiful cake!!!! Awww Im so happy that her birthday was everything she wanted. It warms my heart and makes me wish I was there too to give her hugs and presents and see her smile.

    Hugs for all of you.

  2. Wow that is BEAUTIFUL!!! seriously stunning am in awe! Happy birthday to the little one and hugs all round!

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