¤ 90 Dog Crap Analysis

September 24, 2008

This was so funny!!.. and an excellent idea to keep the city cleaner.

Dog owners in Petah Tikva (israeli city) will bring the dog’s poo sample to the local vet. The vet will make a DNA analysis of the crap and put that in the dog’s register.
Whenever dog crap is found on the street they can send it in for analysis in order to be able to fine the owner of the dog who crapped -and to treat the ones who scoop up the poo – with pet food cupons and dog toys.

Read the article here



  1. Dog do-do must be a big problem there. LOL!!! It’s very funny though. I can’t imagine the time and money it’s going to take to do this.

  2. Excellent idea! Now, can they please come and do this at our catbox at home? The cat who cleans up after herself can have a treat. The others? No neck tickle for a week. See how tough I can be?

  3. LOL This is just brilliant AND it creates jobs! But man I am glad I don’t do the testing, quite a hmm job!

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