¤ 87 Holiday Schedule

September 21, 2008

Today I checked the “holiday schedule” for kindergarten, and found out that during the holidays’ season they will have all together 8 days in Kindergarten – out of four weeks. I’ll not have my peaceful mornings when I can do all the work in the house, and study.. This is actually the bad thing with studying from abroad. (I study in a Swedish University -online) I’ll have to continue to study – like if there were no holidays – but there will be holidays – and I’ll have the kids home. Oh well.. I will manage in some way. I’ll start like NOW to think about things for them to do – so they won’t spend the whole October fighting with eachother. 

At October 9th I’ll probably have an online class. October 9th this year is Yom Kippur – the day when the whole country is fasting.. when people don’t drive cars, when it is possible to walk in the middle of the street, when people don’t wear leather, don’t eat, don’t drink(not even water – for 25 hours), don’t have sex. It’s actually the only day of the year when I refuse to even touch a computer. Well the class starts at 6pm, and Yom Kippur ends at 5.50. So I have ten minutes to go! (and to eat before the class.. or I skip it and read it only after…)

And then at christmas – when all my classmates are having holidays, and the teacher have some kind of compassion and give us less to do – then I’ll have the kids in kindergarten, we’ll be back to normal life. (no christmas in this house)
I shouldn’t complain.. I know it’s my choice – and I like to study, and I’m happy I can study for free. (that’s how it is in Sweden) It’s just that it would have been easier if the christians would have adopted the jewish holidays instead of the pagan holidays.


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