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September 21, 2008

There are so many contraceptives to chose between.. but still there are no good options.

1. I become a mad cow if I’m taking hormones.

2. I’m allergic to latex, and there is another thingie that make also plastic condoms an unsafe choice for us.

3. I have ethical problems with contraceptives that would allow the sperm to reach the egg – but then kill it in my uterus…

That’s it. nothing left!

any suggestions? or should we just continue to populate the world?



  1. Thankyou for using the nice little word “thingie” to describe my PENIS ABNORMALITY

  2. Thank YOU for screaming inappropriate words in my blog.

  3. There are several other birth controls, but you should talk to your doctor. There’s family planning (or as I heard it called “Vatican Roulette”), where you just don’t have sex on your more fertile days, the IUD that prevents the sprem from meeting the egg, or someone can have THE surgery. So those are some suggestions. Hope it helps.

  4. P-dator finns det något som heter, går ut på att mäta hormonnivåerna i morgonurinen (jippie?), vilket säger hur “riskabelt” (beroende på situation) sex skulle vara.

    Och hur kan en penisdefekt påverka plastkondomer????? 😮

  5. faemom – Vatican Roulette is more or less what we’re doing. I know my body pretty well.. and this far it never failed. But it would feel good to have something more safe.

    The thing with talking to my doctor is first of all that I don’t trust her and like her.. she would get me into trying something with hormones after all.. which I with the time get both depressions, panic attacks and other less nice things from.

    Hubby will probably have the surgery some time.. but that will have to be in another few years since we probably will want to have another kid… just not yet.

    DrKotte – förutom svaret ovan.. jag tror jag är lika bra dator själv som en sån..
    Det dära med defekten kan du ju fortsätta grubbla över.. let’s say onormal anatomi. moahaha!

  6. wuups, I forgot.. the other reason to not talk with the doctor is that google is my best friend and I think I already know all the options.. and why they are not good for me.

  7. Kanske spermiedödande medel? Pessar? (fast de kanske är av latex?) Gummisnodd på snoppen?
    Preventivmedel är bara bök och stök. Men många gånger viktigt.
    Tänk om man bara mensade sisådär 2 gånger per år. Himmelriket!
    Hoppas du hittar något som passar, eller gör fler bebisar. 🙂

  8. The IUD…. Have you heard of that? Also… there is a implant in the arm that is time released that has great results, way better than the pill, and only needs to do it once a year.

  9. Amber- yep I heard about that and wanted to try it but it turns out they don’t have it in Israel any longer.
    Also there are hormons in it.. so I don’t know if it would work for me..

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