¤ 85 Women are always right

September 21, 2008

Women are always right.. right?

I’ll never forget the day, maybe when we had been married for like a year(?), when hubby asked me a very special question. He asked me, if I could let him be right once in a while – even if he was wrong.. if I could at least pretend he was right, when it came to things that were not that a big deal.

Well.. to be honest I have a problem with that.. it’s hard to let wrong be right.. And how would that make him happier? How would that teach him to really be right?

Still I hear it a lot.. “Why are you always right?” I’m not the one claiming I’m right.. He is! I don’t have a problem with letting him be right when he is right. Fine by me.

But why? Why do women “always” think one step longer.. ?? Why do women think more rational? (of course I’m aware there are exceptions) Honestly.. why?? I’m not referring only to tdyk.. I’m referring to men in general.

Or maybe I’m wrong.. interesting… what would that be like?



  1. I should’ve known that silly request would come back and bite me in the ass.
    Why are you always right? Why? Whyyyy??
    If you would only agree to discuss longterm investments in equity securities, I would at least be able to be right…

  2. Yes, but now you’re wrong again.. because this was about being rational and think a step longer – not about things related to a specific profession.

  3. Wrong again?? Dang!

  4. lol it is true.. we are ALWAYS right. Maybe thats why Dude wants to try and fight with me on blogs, maybe he thinks, ah! different woman, maybe Ill win finally! But, no, no such luck. Men, they just…. well… you know…! Mwahahahhahahaha!!!!

  5. *Points and laughs at Amber* we discuss different opinions, no right or wrong there! Well, there is, since my opinions are always right, but there’s no possibility to prove those things.
    As stated above I can also be right when it comes to things related to a specific profession.
    It’s when it comes to being rational and thinking a step ahead that I’m always wrong. Or at least the wife is always more right than me.

  6. I can agree that when it comes to opinions there are no right and wrong. But how the heck can you use your knowledge about things related to a profession if you can’t think rational and think a step ahead. Well.. you could easily pass as a robot.

  7. I just find that women have to multi-task and think of ALL the outcomes of a situation. In motherhood: if we take the kids to the park, what do we need just in case. In marriage: if we skip birth control, what just might happen. In dating: if we let this guy pick us up and he knows where we live, what will that mean. We just learned to weigh our decisions more thoroughly.

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