¤ 81 Thankful for a comfortable couch

September 17, 2008

I was planning on writing a short post about how one should spend more time being thankful for having a comfortable couch..

But I ended up posting this instead.. because it was funnier..


though this is more how I intended it.. =)! Kronblom knows how to do it..



  1. Kronblom is the master. Expert couch potato since the twenties.
    Did you know he is one of the oldest comic book characters still running in the world? Older than Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.
    And still, all he has is a typical old time Swedish wooden kitchen couch.

  2. 🙂 cute

  3. This is wonderful. That’s what a couch should be.

  4. Is that thatdudeyouknow on the couch. Tell that lazy bum to get off and write you a love letter! (Haha – got you back thatdudeyouknow!)

    Nice to meet you. And love the names of you kids.

  5. Nonono! That’s Kronblom!

  6. Classic!

  7. Angryafrican, welcome to my blog – and yes. I’ll keep teasing him until he is actually doing it. 🙂

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