¤ 78 When she is sick.. or not

September 15, 2008

Last night I seriously though that we wouldn’t get any sleep at all. Our three-year-old kept waking up every five minutes crying. The poor girl is having a cold. She is really not getting sick a lot. All the time from when she was a baby and up until now – she is not very easy getting sick. The other two are getting sick like three times more. And you don’t understand how thankful I am for that. A little bit of a running nose – and the kid becomes sooo cranky. The other kids can have a way worse cold and they don’t care – at all. She is not even sick – but she is soo miserable!

At the end we got 5 hours of sleep. Impressing! Really – I mean it!

I’m taking her to the doctor today.. not because of the “almost not sick at all but still crying in the night”, but because of the blisters and sores she has around her mouth already for three weeks now, and it doesn’t seem to become better… it’s rather getting worse.


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