¤ 77 Cooler weather

September 13, 2008

Weather is starting to get a bit cooler, or maybe it was just today. I think the night temperature is even  maybe going to drop below 20(70f). Whoho.. I’m longing for the fall and the holidays!!

We had a nice weekend.. having an old friend over for shabat.. My best friend’s little sister. I have known her since she was three.

Well.. the kids have been all cranky and hopeless this weekend. Emunah was crying almost non-stop yesterday and today Efraim has been completely upside down.. they also have running noses.. so it’s probably a virus that is bothering them. Well.. now they are down for the night and it is time to get started with the new week.. I have a lot to study and other stuff to do – so I should better have a good schedule that actually works – and then get started.

That’s it..


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