¤ 74 I’m not 16!!!

September 9, 2008

Have you ever had the problem – that people think you are younger then you actually are. Well.. I guess that might be something to appreciate when one is older. But for me it’s really annoying..

It goes like this:

To the door guard at the mall: No – I’m not 16! And I did not sneek out from my class!!!
To the busdriver: Kids’ ticket? How young do you think I am??

Seriously.. people think I’m a teenager.. and I don’t know what to do about it.. The reaction is usually something like big time surprised – chin on floor – when I tell them that I’m not less then 26, and mother of 3 kids.

I talked with my sister earlier.. And she said she had the same problem -until she was maybe 30. Oh come on!?! That means another 3 years and 114 days looking like a stupid teenager.

Well this helps a bit:

When I have the kids around.. people are obviously less likely to think I’m 16..

Also buying diapers and baby formula helps.. a lot!

The problems come if I go out alone..

But seriously.. I don’t want to look like a teenager. What can I do??


Well this sure doesn’t help…

But should I just cut my hair off in order to look older?? What if it doesn’t help.. what if I still would look like a stupid kid… What if hubby wouldn’t like it that way??

I’m playing with the though.. if I should go to a hair dresser.. Tell how much I’m willing to pay -and give him/her free hands.. Uuhm.. interesting..

Any advice?


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