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September 8, 2008

We (me and hubby) had this discussion a couple of week ago.. the discussion about having another baby.. or not having another baby. The timing would be perfect.. pregnant during the winter when it is not so hot.. (I have already been pregnant in the summer three times.. and had enough of it) when the big kids are at kindergarten in the morning – which gives me more rest. It would be soon enough.. I mean – when all the kids are already big it might be harder to think about having babies.. to start everything all over again.

We were both on the idea.. but we decided to think about it for a while.. and after a couple of weeks we decided to postpone the idea for a year or something.. That would be soon enough.. wouldn’t it? We want our kids to be close in age.. but we need to sleep some time in life too.. I mean – we could do it.. but I don’t think I’m ready yet.. not ready to enter another year of beeing a freekishly tired and unreasonable hormone monster.(yeah.. hubby would agree to that description) I don’t like to be pregnant.. I’m suffering really bad from it – and so do my family. But we can’t stand the thought of not having another one.. There has always been four on the “schedule”. If we could adopt – we would rather do that – but it’s way too expensive. We could save money for it and do it when we are 76 years old – yeay – what a great idea – don’t you think? No.. I think we have to accept the fact that I have to go through another pregnancy. But we’re gonna’ wait with that for a while.

A good thing with waiting another year could also be that hopefully my body is getting back to more normal.. Next time I would like to make it to the hospital – but I have no idea how. Talitha – our 10 months old baby was born at home in the bathroom before we even had the time to call for an ambulance. I’m happy it happened in the night when hubby was home and could help. What if next time it happens when I’m home alone with the kids.. if hubby is at work., and I don’t have a babysitter like next door.. which I usually don’t have. I don’t even want to think about it. *scared*



  1. First of all… you two make beautiful babies together. I smile each time I see the faces of your children. What loving parents they were born to.

    But you know, you don’t have to adopt children or have anymore to give love in that way. God has a plan. You will have another child if it is God’s will. Even if you don’t actually give birth to it yourself. Its amazing how things work out.

    Make sure that you can “afford” the children that you have and are able to give them all that they need. Children are very expensive. Expensive financially, expensive spiritually.

    Just my thoughts…

  2. Awws why is it that it is so expensive to adopt and yet there are so many kids needing moms and dads? Sad

  3. Amber – we don’t want to have another kid just because the plan was 4 from the beginning. We were actually ready to stay at three, just to not have to go through another pregnancy.. but now as the memories from the last time are slowly fading away we start to feel we want to have another one – after all. There is a piece missing in the puzzle. And there is no way to complete the puzzle without the last piece. Of course we are not the ones to decide this. Every baby is a gift.. We saw when I got pregnant with Talitha that his timing was different then ours.

    The kids want another brother or sister too.(Efraim wants a brother 😉 I don’t worry at all about having time for all of them.. and giving them everything they need. The kid itself I would be ready for tomorrow! It’s the pregnancy we are not ready for yet.

    Don’t worry – we know what we are doing.

    SF – Yes – I’m thinking of this a lot – how unfair it is. The stupid system makes it cheaper to make new babies – instead of taking care of those that already are. I feel so bad about it. Some people can’t accept the thought of having adopted kids.. they don’t think they could love an adopted baby as much as a biological.. But I’m 110% sure that I wouldn’t have that problem.

    Some time in life I would like to start an organization for helping people who want to adopt – but can’t afford it.. helping people who are in the situation that we are in today. How great would that be!!

  4. I love that idea. I always felt terrible every time I left the orphanage, not being able to take them all home with me and seeing those little kiddies all scared and parentless. It broke my heart into a million pieces. Here due to the shear volume of AIDS orphans and child abuse cases it is relatively easy to adopt and the new big thing is for foreigners to adopt

    I love the idea of helping others who can’t afford to adopt but want to, there are so many good people out there that could give a really good home to a child that needs one but can’t.

  5. That is a great idea! I’m sure you could find tons of people to help bring around an orginization that would help people adopt children.

    And I totally understand feeling like their is a part missing from the family. I’ve been wanting another baby for a few months, but we’re waiting for the right time. Recently my husband has noticed the void too, but maybe that’s because he bought a Chargers baby bib and realized our youngest hasn’t worn a bib in six months.

  6. Faemom – welcome to my blog!

  7. I know you guys know what you are doing. You are GREAT parents.

    I wish we could even adopt a child.. but my health doesn’t allow it…. It breaks my heart at times, but I trust God’s plan.

  8. You know there are a lot of programs out there already to help with the cost of adoption. Many employers offer to help pay for a partial part of the adoption fees. You also can get a tax deduction of up to 10,000 as long as your AGI is under 175K. There are also a few programs like to foster to adopt that have very reasonable costs. If I were you, I would really look into adoption. You seem very passionate about adoption and you don’t seem like you want to go through the hardship on your body of being pregnant again. Best of luck either way!

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