¤ 68 Kids first time going to dentist

September 7, 2008

We went with the kids to the dentist this morning.. first time ever for both of them. It went very well.. Both of them were opening the mouth! =) Efraim even had an x-ray. Everything looked (almost) fine and they will go back there only in another year.

After the dentist we dropped the kids at kindergarten and hubby went to work and I went home with the baby.. and the baby fell asleep on the way home so I had some nice time with only me, myself and my coffee.. Aaaah! It didn’t last so long though since the kids were at kindergarten only for a few hours today.

This is really good for me.. the time in the morning when it’s only me and the baby at home. I’m usually studying until late in the evening, and I have been so tired lately. But if I can have some rest in the morning (and time to clean, cook, do laundry etc.) it really helps for the rest of the day. It is good for the baby too.. to get more attention. She is learning new things every day now.. She is almost walking.. probably she will take her first steps any day now.=)

Well.. I think I should get back to all the work in the house.. In another hour it’s time to start preparing the kids for the night. After a day at kindergarten they have sand all over.. including the hair. So they need to shower.


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