¤ 66 Quick update..

September 6, 2008

Back after weekend.. well we’ve been home all the time, but we usually spend shabat resting, beeing with the family etc… so usually I catch up reading the blogs only Saturday evening – or even Sunday.

This weekend we had my parents over.. Nice to have them here again. The kids got birthday presents from my brother and sister (and their families). =)

So now starts a new week for us. You know here in Israel Sunday is like a Monday.. which means weekend is over.. back to work – back to school etc. Tomorrow morning we are going to take the kids to the dentist for the first time.. just a general checkup.
Tomorrow evening I have to hand in a paper for the University.. I should get started.. didn’t start to write it yet.. though I know more or less what to write.

This coming week I’ll have to be more organized. I have a lot to do now since school started again. But I also think this week will be easier. Last week the kids were at kindergarten only for a couple of hours the first days. This week they will be there more.


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  1. sounds like you have busy times ahead….good luck on your paper!

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