¤ 60 Modest Dressing

September 1, 2008

Today I took the kids to the mall.. last day of summer vacation. We bought some stickers for them to decorate the food boxes and water bottles for kindergarten. We also had some burekas and chocolate milk.. trying to make last day of vacation a nice day.

Hubby came home early so I could go to Jerusalem… I decided to start doing the shopping for the winter as soon as possible in order to split it up a little bit… it’s just too expensive to buy all the clothes for the kids the same month.

Where I get off the bus, to come to the city center I have to walk through Mea Shearim – the ultra orthodox quarters in Jerusalem.

Just wanted to show you guys how one are supposed to be dressed there.. You find these signs all over the place!!

”To women & girls who pass through our neighborhood. We beg you with all our hearts. Please do not pass through our neighborhood in immodest clothes.
Modest clothes include: closed blouse with long sleeves, long skirt – no trousers, no tight-fitting clothes.
Please do not disturb the sanctity of our neighborhood, and our way of life as jews commited to G-D and his Torah.

Neigborhood Rabbis, Torah & welfare institutions, Local resident councils.”

And that’s why I went to town in a long jeans skirt and a shirt with long sleeves, even though we have nice and toasty weather… well.. I’m usually dressing quite modest anyway.. but I do wear pants.. and t-shirts!!

Btw. picture stolen from wikipedia since I always forget to bring the camera.

Anyway.. if you are religious and you want to wear something less modest you should do it before the age of three since before you are three years old you don’t have to follow the commandments. That’s why you see little girls with skirts not reaching longer than the diaper.. and a top without sleeves.. and then comes the mother with long skirt, long sleeves and head covered. Doesn’t even seem like they belong together.

Btw. shopping didn’t go so well.. the winter collection didn’t come yet.. only for sizes under age of two. And the only kid in this house who does not need new clothes is the baby. I found some pyjama’s for the older ones.. that’s it. Oh well. 


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  1. I can’t even begin to image having to dress a certain way. Thanks for sharing things like this. It’s a great teaching tool for me. To bad about your wasted trip. Maybe you had fun just getting out though.

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