¤ 57 Missed first class of the year.. gnnn!

August 28, 2008

I was supposed to have my first class for this year – tonight. But I had firewall problems so I couldn’t enter the chat.. so annoying and I get so distracted by this so I can’t even study. Even more annoying is that I can’t even reach the chat history. First class of the year usually includes a lot of important information. I hope we can solve the problem before next thursday when next chat is.

Problem started  three hours ago and I didn’t start reading yet.. gnn..

I’ll just finish this post and then get started studying.. promise!

Tomorrow is visiting in kindergarten day.. all kids with their parents and the teachers will be there.. It’s more or less. Hi, welcome, please fill theese forms out and say hello to the teacher.. go home. See ya on Monday! But still exciting – especially for Emunah.



  1. Good luck with the computer. Man, I hate those kind of problems. I am no help to you either. I’m clueless when it comes to that kind of stuff.

    Have fun at Kindergarten day. Kids just love that. My grandkids had it last Tues and can’t wait to start next week.

    Good luck with the studies.

  2. hang in there….

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