¤56 Way too much

August 27, 2008

It is way too hot outside(and inside)

way too full schedule  this week

way too much to study

I’m way too tired (since hubby kept me awake until way too late the two last nights. And whatever you guess is the reason – you are wrong)

So.. since you probably have nothing to do.. go ahead learn some Spanish. It’s free! I command you!! Or if you don’t want to learn spanish.. learn knitting instead. And since there are only two kinds of people in this world one of theese choices is perfect for you.

See.. brain dead..

This post wasn’t even intended to be meningful.

Se ya’



  1. And it’s a way too silly post! Sorry for keeping you up. I’ll try to practice the duck-juggling during the daylight hours instead.

  2. wut? jag blev tvungen att approva dej

  3. Muppy indeed

  4. You guys are funny. Is duck juggling a joke or do you really do that over there?? LOL!!!!

    I have these same things running through my head all the time. Guess I’m brain dead too. At least I’m in good company. Have a good day.

  5. of course duck-juggling is a joke =)

  6. LOL, I thought so you but you never know!!

  7. Hola amiga! I started knitting a sweater about 6 years ago… So maybe I better dust off my book “Spanish el la lo The Easy Way quien que cual” instead…??!!

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