¤54 Longing for Cooler Weather and Holidays

August 25, 2008

History B – here I come! Online classroom opened and I’m trying to get some kind of overview of what I’ll have to do within the next few weeks.

Now I’m looking forward to the girls’ birthdays, all the holidays in October, and cooler weather. I’m fed up with the summer! People keep saying that I should like the long hot summer because I’ve chosen to live here.. well not perfectly true.. more that if you’ve chosen to live here – by some reason you’re not allowed to think that summer is too hot.. and that spring and fall is better.

I like March-May and October-November the best. Best temperature is between 68-77 degrees (f) (20-25 c) And that’s when YOU should come to visit in our beautiful country!



  1. Hej, Maria!
    Surfade runt och hittade dig (känner igen dig på bilden).
    Du värkar ha det underbart bra av vad jag kan läsa mig till, familj och allt:)
    Nu undrar nog du vem jag är:
    Ledtråd 1 – Gick i din klass på Oasen, men bara för en kort stund..
    Det borde duga.
    (Skriva på engelska är jag kass på, men förstår allt du skriver, så helt borta är jag inte;))
    MVH/ Sara
    Hälsa Ida:)

  2. I really hope I get to visit soon… I plan to get the children to help me “pig pile” Dude!

  3. Sara – kul att du hittat hit. Visst kommer jag ihåg dig. =)

    Amber – You are always welcome to come to visit. Did ou have a nice birthday?? Uhm.. maybe I should read your blog for that..

  4. I’m right there next to you where weather is concerned. I hate hot and humid weather. You have to have the air conditioning on all the time and can’t breath the outdoors and I miss hearing the birds and what’s happening outside. I love our falls and do like winter. It gets very cold here and we have lots of snow but I like it.

    Good luck on the studying.

  5. Joy – I’m happy you like the snow. I used to live in norhtern Sweden.. and we had snow 6 months every year and I was longing for the spring already in November. Happy I left.. =)

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