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August 23, 2008

Sabbath is a good invention!

Tomorron we are getting our new computer. Yeay! On Monday I start studying again. The timing is perfect!

Soo.. we’re slowly slowly going back to routine. Another week the kids (only the big ones.. baby stays home) are going back to kindergarten – five hours a day – six days a week. That will make it easier for me to study! This will be the first time for Emunah to go to kindergarten. She’ll be 3 years old in another month and until now she has been home with me all her life. So it’s gonna’ be a big change for her. It will probably take her a while to get used to it. Good that her brother is there to.. that will make it easier for her.

Euhm.. kids are tired.. and cranky.. I’ll make a try and play some piano for them… soon time to eat and go to sleep.



  1. Wow, kids go to school young there. Is that good? Do you like it? What are you studying? Good luck to your little girl. She’s a real beauty.

  2. hmm.. I thought going at the age of three was recognized as quite late. In Sweden most kids are in daycare from the age of 1 or 1,5, and here in Israel many mothers go back to work already when the baby is three months (leaving the baby with grandparents or nanny)

    Compulsory pre-school is from age of 5, and school from 6. Though most kids go to municipal pre-school when they are 3 – even if the mother is not working. So do our kids. And at least for Efraim it has been really good.. It socially prepares him for school -and also he learns Hebrew from it. (We don’t speak much Hebrew at home)

    I study history in a University in Sweden. It’s an internet based course, so I study from home here in Israel. I did History A last year – and am going to do History B this year. I mainly do it because studies in Sweden are for free and you even get paid (a little) for studying. So it’s a good way to bring in some money to the family without being forced to put all the kids in day care.
    We’ll see.. maybe I’ll end up with a BA in a few years.

  3. Here kids don’t start (can’t) Kindergarten until they are 5. If it’s an early 5, most parents wait till the next year. Pre-K is usually for 3-4 year olds. Mother’s here also go back to work after 6 weeks or however long they take off but most only take 3 months (at the most). My grandchildren have always been in daycare and they have a great lady. My youngest grandson was just 4 and he’s going to pre-school this year. With the daycare he doesn’t really need it for socializing but needs to learn what Kindergarten will be like. They go all day.

    Way to go on the learning. That is never a bad thing.

  4. I think I’m getting confused with all the words here.. pre-school, kindergarten, daycare.. what means what?, and what are the differences? It’s hard to put a word on the system when it’s completely different from what you guys have.

  5. Sorry about that. I’ll do the dictionary version for you. It is hard to explain.

    Preschool : pre·school [pr skl]
    1. under school age: below the age at which compulsory schooling begins
    2. for preschool children: relating to or provided for children below the age at which compulsory schooling begins

    Kindergarten: kin·der·gar·ten [kíndər grt’n, kíndər grd’n]
    preschool: a school or class for young children, usually between the ages of four and six, immediately before they begin formal education

    Daycare: A person who takes care of children for a living while parents work.

  6. thanks!

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