¤ 51 Obsessive Cleaner or only for Christmas

August 22, 2008

Today is Friday.. Friday is cleaning and cooking day in this house.

Usually cleaning day is more or less every other day in this house. but since all kids are home now during the summer I found it impossible. They make the mess faster than I make the order. They make the house dirty faster than I can clean. Well in another week we’ll be back in routine that’s good. I’m not feeling good when the house is dirty or not in order.. I want it nice and clean. I feel awful if I by some reason have to let guests into the house when it’s not clean and nicelooking. Though I put the level a bit lower because of a few reasons.

  1. First of all it’s almost impossible to keep the house clean and tidy with three little ones.. It would be possible. But hey.. there are other things to do in this world than to clean! Yesterday I changed the tableclothes in the living room.. and put a fruit bowl on the table.. the most safe but still nice thing I could think of to put in a place where the baby can reach. Within half an hour she managed to sneek out of her room without me seeing it – emptied the fruitbowl on the table and started eating fruits. She probably thought I made that party for her! =) Sooo cute – and she was soo angry when I stopped her from ruining all the fruits.
  2. I have to be careful with my hands… the eczema is getting 7 times worse from water, soap etc. Though I just bought both cotton gloves and a huge pack of vinyl gloves.. moahaha
  3. Also by economical reasons I can’t be the obsessive cleaner I am inside.. It is harder to keep the house clean and tidy if you’re in lack of storage solutions.. yep.. still some things in boxes after we moved =(
  4. To be really really honest.. I don’t know if I want it to be perfect. I don’t want my house to look like an empty hotel room or one of these perfect rooms of IKEA that they have to show the furniture. I want my home to feel like a home – not like a doll house. Or yes I do! no I don’t. Do! Don’t… I don’t know.. I guess I’m a Monica wannabe..

But once the kids get older.. and once we have more money… you never know=)

What kind of clening character are you? What habits do you have? Are you an obsessive “Monica”(Friends) or are you fine with once a week.. once a month.. or maybe only when badly needed and for holidays? Do you like cleaning or is it something depressing and boring?

This weekend we’re gonna eat chicken.. chicken and.. chicken(They had a sale yesterday. Yummy!) and fruit cake or pie.

Btw. here comes the pic. of the baby after finding the fruit bowl. I think the peel was not sweet enough for her taste.. =)



  1. Oh is that a cute picture! How could you not just love that!!!

    As for being an obsessive cleaner… I gave that one up to god when I got sick. I simply no longer could be perfect. And you know what? Im so much happier now. I don’t need to be. 🙂

  2. Here’s the thing. You don’t want to live in a sterile environment. I like what you say about having your home be your home. Let it be lived in. Your house will one day be clean but it will also be quiet. Enjoy what you have now and enjoy your kids now when they’re young. It will make good memories for them. The day will come though it’s hard to see it that way when your in the middle of it.

    Good luck with the eczema. I had it as a child but outgrew it though still do have very dry skin. I need gloves too sometimes when my hands are in water a lot and it’s winter.

    That picture is to cute for words.

  3. Awwws look at the little one, very cute indeed! I’m with you on the looking after the hands and gloves thing, I can’t do dishes or handle any cleaning materials without them it gets nasty. When I had my own place it was clean, neat and tidy but then I wasn’t obsessive obsessive per say… we’ll have to wait and see what I am like when I am independent again (not soon enough!)

  4. Joy – yes we really do enjoy them now when they are young. Why else would we have 3 kids in 3 years… =) We’ll probably end up having one more sooner or later. This house will not be quiet within the next 20 years.. probably not clean either. 🙂

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