¤ 49 We all have 206 bones, but not in the atlas

August 21, 2008

Yesterday.. our son (4-years old) was sitting in the living room, looking in his atlas. As he finished, he came to me.. and here goes the conversation:

– Mom! – there are no ribs in the atlas!

– Honey – to find the ribs you must look in your encyclopedia, not in your atlas.

– I’m gonna’ look at the skeleton!

As he went to get the encyclopedia he started singing:

206 ben har vi allihop” (song in Swedish: We all have 206 bones)

I don’t know if this makes any sense to you.. but to me the conversation was really funny. He’s interested in so many things that kids his age usually don’t care about at all.

…he’s gonna be a smart guy.. just like his father!



  1. How cute he is….seriously. Is he 5 yet?

  2. No he turned four only a few weeks ago.

  3. Oh my, he’s adorable.

  4. Cutes… almost get broody … I said almost

    Admire you both as parents, I really do. I think those kids of yours are truly blessed with the both of you. God was kind.

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