¤ 46 No more fighting here

August 19, 2008

Yeay! Soon no more fighting about computers in this house.. (not that we “fighted” earlier either…) Today we ordered a laptop.. it will be delivered in a couple of weeks. My history course is starting in another week.. The new computer is really going to help.. Then hubby and I can study at the same time and not have to wait for eachother to finish all the time. That will hopefully give us more time together too!

Today we had a lot to do.. went to the post office, bank, interior ministry etc. We also had appointments for all three kids at the eye doctor.. Thank God – they are all seeing perfectly!

The afternoon I spent uploading pictures at facebook.=)

This is by the way the end of hubby’s vacation. Tomorrow he is back at work. I’m so thankful for theese days we had – recharging the batteries.. we really needed that!

My RSS is looking terrible.. too many blogs to read – and since hubby is going to use the computer for studying the whole evening I’ll not be able to catch up tonight either.. Happy this problem will soon be solved.. =)

Uhm.. I should get started with preparing the dinner now.



  1. Gee when I saw the title of this post… I thought you were scolding Dude and I for fighting on our blogs….lol

    Im so pleased you are getting a new laptop! Yay!

  2. hoh no.. don’t feel bad about that!! I’m not against your fighting.. Dude loves it! And whatever makes him happy makes me happy. Only when the fighting forces him to spend hours on blogfighting – time that he so badly needs for studying and being with the family – I’m against it and might tell him how I feel.
    But it’s HIS responsibility to know his limits.. and know when he needs to lay down his sword.

    We both love you Amber – a lot!

  3. lol thank heavens! I was all ashamed… “No fighting” Here I was picturing Dude and I being sent to the opposite corners! 🙂

    No, I do agree with you about time, etc. I just love his brain and he’s always up for a challenge and he just loves to irk me and get me going. Its fun and both of us have total respect. Its so good for us both. Well for me, (don’t tell him) but he teaches me alot.

    You and the kids though come first. We’ll keep it down to a low roar. I think we’ll have to play our little chess games with new rules. Maybe not down and dirty like before, with quick quips, but one reply a day or something. I know when we start smelling the blood of the kill we get excited!!!! 🙂

    I love you both too…

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