¤ 44 Vacation in Jerusalem

August 18, 2008

Today we came back from a wonderful trip to Jerusalem! We’ve been there the whole weekend… Just a weekend with the family..

Friday we went there by bus.. kind of a project with three kids and all the stuff you (and the kids) need for three days… Even harder when you know that at least two of the kids are suffering from car sickness. Efraim was fine this time but Emunah didn’t seem to feel so well.

Friday was quite a busy day for me.. I had to do all the shopping and cooking for shabat.(staying at my parents place – but without my parents) But then we had a nice evening… =) We ended up studying Spanish hubby and I. So now it’s official: Brazilian Portuguese will have to wait. We are studying Spanish together! That’s easier because I already had books from when I studied Spanish back in school(and then forgot it all).

We’ve had a lot of fun.. we’ve been playing in the park, resting, walking in the Old City.. Hubby took Efraim to the Western Wall.. and we had ice cream, falafel etc. We also had some time to stop by at hubby’s work so they got to see our kids.

It was so nice to be somewhere else for a while, do something else.. This was kinda’ the first time we could do something like this for a long time. Where hubby used to work before he got paid instead of getting days off. So then we could never do anything with the family. But now it is different!! =)

East or west – home is best.. Today we went home again. We’ve been walking a lot. It’s a long way to walk from where we were to the bus. And then we got off the bus more than half an hour walk from home since Emunah started sweating and her face was turning green. Before next time we’re going somewhere I’m gonna’ take her to the doctor to get her car sickness pills!!

Anyway – nice to be home again. We had a great time – but home is always best.. and more comfortable. You appreciate home more when you’ve been somewhere else for a while.

Check out homepage or facebook for photos from the weekend. I’m gonna add them today or tomorrow.

Hubby is home tomorrow too. Tomorrow we are taking all three kids to an eye-doctor.. uh. that’s scary. Efraim has been talking about lately that he can’t see good enough and that he needs glasses. But you know how kids can talk… I hope he is not serious..



  1. Te amo!

  2. No puedo hablar una palabra de español pero he pensado que esto sería gracioso! Realmente espero que no me acaba de jurar, lo siento si se me hizo! Ahora fuera a ir a ver las fotos!

  3. Moahaha. I understood almost every single word but I didn’t understand what you were trying to say until I put it in the google translator. =)

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