¤42 No compromises in my kitchen

August 13, 2008

People keep asking me for the recipes of cookies and cakes I’m baking.. It seems like we’re not the only ones liking them. And to be honest – Iusually prefer our own cakes.. not others.

My “secret” for yummy cakes is that I’m always letting the taste go first. I never put less butter or sugar for health reasons, and I always use real (salted) butter – and never margarine. The difference in taste is huge! Banana cake – fine – that’s sweet. Apple cake – wonderful with the right amount of sugar. Carrot cake? No way!! Carrots are food – not cake stuff. I don’t waste my cake eating time on eating half-tasty stuff.

When it comes to food it’s the opposite. I’m trying to make healthy food.. not to much fat – and as far as possible no artificial crap. I have to confess I’m still working on this.. but that’s mainly because sausage and chicky bits are cheaper than chicken.. and we can’t afford eating like kings. We’re eating a lot of vegetables too. As long as we eat all this healthy food most of the time(during the week).. we can once in a while(Friday evening) eat my really unhealthy cakes and cookies without feeling bad about it.

Conclusion – Food is supposed to be healthy. Cakes are supposed to be unhealthy. And cakes are not food! Sorry “all” Americans..(and lots of Israelis too) but I almost flipped out when I the first time heard somebody calling regular sweet cake “bread”.. and when I realized there are people eating cake and snacks for breakfast. Same thing first time I heard about giving babies sweet food, cookies and drinks etc.(on a daily basis) with the motivation that the baby likes the sweet taste since that’s what he is used to from the breast milk. I have heard that from many people I know by now. And I still think it’s one of the most stupid things I’ve heard of. I would say that the first years in a kids life is the most important when it comes to creating healthy eating habits for the future.
Myself I felt bad about letting our 9 month old baby taste a tiny little piece from her brothers birthday cake..

I have no idea what I wanted to say with this post.

Anyway –You should never eat cookies, cakes or pie in my house if you are on a diet!



  1. we LOVE cakes and cookies I just can’t bake to save my life or anyone elses… it is why I have friends that can… wanna be friends?


  2. Carrot cake and zuccini cake.. girl.. I have to bring you come of my homemade… you will never turn your nose up again! They are awesome and sweet!

    I agree with you and only bake with the finest ingredients. Only madegascar vanilla too.. such a difference than using crap vanilla. Vanilla pods are wonderful to use fresh if you have the time.

    Thank you for the cookies… mmmmmmmmm ISF burns water… someone needs to teach her to bake. Today I taught her that recipes that say 2 cups sugar 1 tsp salt… cant be switched around…. especially cookies..

  3. SanityFound – if you ever come to Israel – give me a couple of days notice and I’ll make sure the freezer is full of cookies.

    Amber – if you come to visit some time – you’ll have to prove me wrong! 😉

  4. Amber *glares* was just discussing all of this with Deeps and she said that perhaps I should just buy peanut butter cookies and post those – she did warn me though to remember to take them OUT of the wrappers they came in so you guys wouldn’t know any different.

    My argument is… would you guys eat them? I think the fear of poisoning will be too great, she seems to think that it is not… the jury is out on that one though.

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