¤ 41 Cool Groups and Soulmates

August 12, 2008

Do you remember back in school..? “the group” – the cool ones, those that everybody wanted to be friends with. Those who could pick whoever they wanted to be their friend – to be part of the group – and whoever was invited to be a member of the group – would never ever say no. They also had the power to exclude whoever they wanted from the group.

I was never a part of the cool group. Probably I wasn’t cool enough.. or maybe I was not as hip as they were. I didn’t know enough about the TV-shows they were talking about, or maybe my dress code was not accepted. To be honest – I have no idea why they kept ignoring me – and some others.. not only ignoring – but also looking down at.. judging. This was really annoying.. No matter what I tried to do about it – there was no change. It was not that I didn’t have friends – because I did have friends.  It was just that I was curious what was wrong with me.. and a bit jealous. Why couldn’t I be a part of it?

One day I finally realized that I didn’t even wanted to be a part of the “cool group”. What would I do then? – join them judging people because they were smarter, or less smart, had different interests, or whatever. NO -fat NO I respect people who respect me. And I want to be a friend with anyone who can accept me in the way I am.

Realizing this – was one of the best things I could ever do. I like myself in the way I am and I don’t want myself different.  Problem solved!

I thought this group thing was something that kids do.. and then you grow up and it’s over. But apparently I was wrong on this point. There are still people out there that are way to cool for me. But I can also see that we ended up having completely different lives, where I like my life a lot better – and I’m happy I’m not in their shoes..
Today I’m happy and thankful that nobody let me into the group – and also – I’m sad that this group thing still exists.

Of course it’s hard for a kid to see theese things.. to see that being popular is not necessarily the most important thing in life. It’s hard to be different.. to have different interests. It’s not easy to find soulmates if you are a real original. But by the time you find them – I think you appreciate it more. Nobody who has 300 friends can keep a good contact and be a good friend with all of them. It’s the real freinds – the soulmates that count.

No names mentioned in this post.. no hard feelings.. ok?

I’d say I’ve got two soulmates.. in very different ways though. One I met the first time at the age of 6.. Ida – which by the way got married a couple of days ago. Congrats! She’s like a sister to me and even though we for many years have been living far apart (read: different countries) we are still very close on some level.
The other one is hubby.(Sorry dude.. should have mentioned you first. You know that you’re the one I love the most)

I could go on for 18 pages about what theese two people mean to me.. but I’m not gonna’ do that.



  1. I have always been my own cool group. 🙂

  2. I couldn’t agree more with you, you can be popular and have 300, 400 or a 1000 friends and not one means a thing to you. How sad and empty a persons life must be when they have little meaning or true kinship. I think you are very blessed to have found 2 soulmates, it won’t stop there though, in time we all gather troops.

    Just know we got your guys backs no matter what – oh and if anyone messes with you just turn round and tell them you know a South African… that’ll scare them big BIG time!

  3. Margarine and other “diet” stuff are probably much worse for your health than real butter and sugar. I advocate dietary BALANCE and some sense, then some delicious cake once in a while isn’t the end of the world, instead it is a nice supplement to your food intake.

    So I agree with you – when eating cake, why do it halfway? It’s probably better to really enjoy it, instead of being not-really-satisfied, craving more.

  4. […] to laugh.  Soon before we know it 61 years have gone by and what do we have to show for it? Cool Groups and Soulmates? No peace without true democracy? We get so comfortable in our lives we forget to live.  What […]

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