¤ 39 Why you should be multilingual

August 11, 2008

– It makes life easier when travelling.

– It helps you not only to understand what people are actually saying – but also to increase the global understanding, make you understand different cultures, the way of thinking etc. since every language is unique in it’s own way and has words that you can’t even translate into other languages.

– You can read newspapers from different countries and compare propaganda from both sides and in that way get yourself a true opinion about what is going on in the world. If many people did that it would save us from a lots of idiots…

– It makes you able to communicate effectively with people from other parts of the world.

– Since you have more than one language to relate to and you have more words – you can think brighter than others. You’re more likly to put words on what you see, feelings etc. People keep saying that Eskimos have 200 different words for snow. I have no idea if it’s true.. but there would never be such a rumor – if they didn’t have at least a lot. how many different words for different kinds of snow do you know??

– Since you can communicate with more people than those that know only one language – it might make it easier to get a job.

– On some level it helps to avoid memory related illnesses. Studies show that bilingual people have better memory motor skills as they age and are less prone to diseases such as Alzheimer’s. (http://www.bilingualamerica.com/main/20goodreasons.htm)

– English is not enough. English does not help you to communicate with whoever you want in the world. Only a little bit more than 10% of the worlds population speak English.(http://www.vistawide.com/languages/why_languages.htm)

– If your family also know the same languages you can always have secret conversations over other people’s heads if needed. (or if you’re just to lazy to wait until you’re alone or to go to another room)

– And best of all – it is really funny to listen to conversations between people that think that they are safe – that nobody understands their language. You might get to hear tons of private things… (Yes – at this point I am evil)

duh! Enough! I’m sure there are tons of other reasons too.. maybe TDYK has some?

Soo.. come on people! Get started learning new languages.



  1. I have some. The human brain can take up to 63 languages. Anything less than that is waste of good brain. People should use their brains as much as possible.

    Learning languages spoken today is not enough. You can only read things written now, and maybe a few hundred years back. Therefore it is also important to learn the immortal languages that are no longer used as spoken languages (often wrongly accused of being “dead” languages). If you speak this, voices that have been dead for over 4000 years will begin to speak to you. You can read and understand the thoughts of a culture that is so far away in time and space that it’ll uncomprehensible. The flesh and bones of the people is long gone, but their voices are still speaking.

    You can make very very funny direct translations between languages, which will sound very silly. Swedish expressions in English would go “that was like the cat” or “he’s not much to hang in the christmas tree”. English expressions in Swedish might be “Skär tjurbajset” or “Jag ger inte en liten råttas rumpa”.

    You can understand the fine art of translation, and the beauty of something that is always uglier than the original.

    You can impress people.

    You can go to an international conference and talk to everyone in their native tounge.

    You will develop your mouth and throat to be able to say many different sounds, which will be very healthy for your mouth.

    You can surf on almost any website on the internet without being restricted to your language.

  2. I thought of one more. The beauty of a language is it’s own reward. It is worth learning a language for the pure sake of learning that language.

    And also – hte voices in your head speak different languages. You need to learn what they are telling you.

  3. I love that one with the voices in the head. And it’s sooo true!!

  4. Lol at you two! While traveling on the tube in London you’ll hear a lot of people speaking Afrikaans and thinking that no one understands, generally they are what we used to call “newbies” There have been many occasions where they decided to get a bit graphic in descriptions. Someone across from me happened to be south african as well and they slowly brought out their Passports – their faces? priceless!

    I wish I could speak more languages phew one day

  5. South africans should also be aware that with a combination of Swedish and German you can understand a lot both from Dutch and Afrikaans. I can understand at least enough to get the subject of the conversation..(used to have some south african friends.. but they went back) It makes it even easier if it’s a written conversation. Btw. We have a Bible in Afrikaans. 🙂

  6. […] SanityFound’s Rambling’s …thought’s by a rambling soul… « Heard on the London Underground Weekly Fruit Salad – Nummer elva August 18, 2008 Nummer elva yip that is Number eleven in Swedish, pretty close to English in  a way but I bet in their normal script it has cool squiggles on some of the letters with pretty patterns to boot!  Number 11 with 83 posts linked… erm yeah more than last week, blame it on the new sharers!  No Peace for the wicked when you know a South African! (possibly why you should be multilingual) […]

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