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August 10, 2008

Today when I went with the kids to the mall.. I also took them to the toy store and I let Emunah choose a backpack for kindergarten.. There were a lot to choose from.. and at the end she picked this pink one with snoopy on it. She loves dogs!

She didn’t believe she would actually get it until we already paid for it and went out from the store. Since then she’s been carrying it the whole day.. playing the “going to kindergarten-game” So happy – so proud. On the way home she said she would give her old mini-backpack with Winnie the Pooh to Talitha, since she didn’t need it any longer herself, and since Talitha didn’t have any bag at all. Isn’t that sweet and unselfish?? It was totally her own idea!

Our kids don’t get everything they ask for.. For us the normal thing is to not buy extra stuff when we go shopping. We buy what is on the list. That’s it! They get presents for birthdays and holidays.. but usually not in between. They don’t even know what begging for things is. They just don’t do it. If I want to buy candy or chocolate for them I do it when I go shopping alone – and then give them at home. They don’t know that you can buy and eat on the way home – because that’s not how we do.

I think this makes them appreciate more when they get something.. the times when they actually get presents, or sweets. They are so thankful and happy. Getting new clothes, or new shoes is something that makes them shine!
While other kids are getting this and that – and are screaming and crying if they don’t get everything they point at – our kids keep shining for a week because of one single present. I don’t think kids that have everything are happier.. doesn’t seem like when they are laying on the floor at the super – screaming because they can’t have both chocolate and cookies – but has to pick one of them.

It’s not (only) a matter of money. Even if we would have a lot of money – we would still do the same thing. Kids like ours – that don’t get everything – grow up knowing how to handle money – that you can’t have everything. They learn to be more realistic – and prepared for taking care of themselves. They learn to be happy even for the small things in life. And that’s the best gift you can ever give your kids!


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  1. Amen to that. I may be a bit biased here, since these are my kids too, but I totally agree.

    Other people reading this – you say things now.

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