¤ 37 Search engine words and “jewish cakes”

August 9, 2008

uhm.. interesting to see the most popular search engine words.. leading readers to the blog..

“birthday cake for jew”
“jew birthday cake”
“israeli cake decorations”

Excuse me.. but have I missed something? What’s the difference between a birthday cake for a jew and a birthday cake for somebody else?? People usually don’t put pork in the cakes.. do they?

…even more popular search word is “penguin cake”. =) But I’d say that’s more normal.


We had a nice sabbath.. kids a bit cranky. They’re apparently a bit tired of the long hot summer now and are looking forward to going back to kindergarten on September 1st. We’ll just have to try to find a way to make the last weeks less boring for them.
Next week.. maybe already tomorrow I’ll buy a kindergarten backpack for Emunah.. she’ll be soo happy! She’s been talking about that backpack for half a year already..

My semester is starting at August 25th.. so there’s only another couple of weeks.. Maybe I should continue painting the house so it will be done by then.. I guess there will not be much time left after starting the course. I kind of took a break after moving in because I felt I needed some rest too.

I’ve been thinking the whole summer that I should sleep more now when I don’t have to study in the evenings. Do you think I did this far? Oh no.. nonono..
It’s past eleven already.. maybe I should make a try again.

Good night!


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  1. Maybe they were looking for that Israel flag cake you had?

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