¤34 Mix between a Goat and a Toaster

August 6, 2008

I realized there are no good pictures of me. I was looking for pictures for the banner, and this was the best I found. duh! When our kids get older and they go through photos from their childhood they will find millions of photos of themselves, quite a lot of them together with their father.. and hardly any photos at all of their mom.

Why? I just happen to all the time make lots of faces that make me look like a mix between a goat and a toaster. 1 picture out of 100 is good. Usually I don’t let hubby take any pictures. I prefer to do it myself – both because I want to hide behind the camera.. and also that he doesn’t know how it works as well as I do (since I never let him use it)

Maybe I should let him use it more… maybe there would be more good pictures of me after a while? I know that he would never show to anybody a picture of me.. without me approving it. I mean.. I want the kids to have memories of me too from the childhood. And I want a nicer banner to.. where it’s not like. Hi – I’m a fat ugly toaster with a nosetip made from gum. And theese are my adorably cute kids.




  1. Of course I wouldn’t – you’re the only one who knows how to copy the pictures from the camera to the computer. And you should start to listening to me when I try to tell you how good you look and stop calling me a liar.
    Maybe that’s for the better though. It’s best you don’t know that you could do a lot better than me… 😉

  2. I first thought it WAS Joseph!

  3. Där svarade jag på fel inlägg 🙂

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