¤33 No more mooing here

August 5, 2008

I have to change the theme again.. I’m not happy with the one I’m having now.. I don’t like that everything on the side disappears when you enter a specific post. Any recommendations?

Today i got the information about the course I’m taking this year.. History B. So I also ordered the first books. The books are in Swedish, and I need to buy them in Sweden, and have them delivered to a Swedish address. So I have to do it long before the semester starts in order to get them in time. My parents can maybe bring them.. and if not – they’ll have to send them.

The kids begged for chocholate muffins today… so bad that I had to make them.. moahaha.. so I haven’t been eating very healthy stuff today either.. I should better take a looong evening walk to make up for this. But first coffee and a couple of Friends episodes with hubby. He stayed at work until seven today.. so he just came home.

Who is mooing in your garden?


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