¤32 scary-ass clowns and squeeky flowers

August 4, 2008

I changed the theme again.. I was having problem with the widgets in the banana smoothie. I would like to have something more like big ugly flowers and squeeky colors.. oh well.

Regular day.. Went to the postoffice in the morning with the goats (kids) … did lots of nothing during the day.. and  in the evening I went out for a walk.. I’ve been trying for half a year now to loose some weight.. but instead I gained more and more.. I think the main problem is that I’m all the time eating between the meals. It’s to easy to do that when you’re never more far away from your kitchen then ten meters. Anyway half an hour walk in the evening couldn’t be bad. I don’t know if it helps.. but it doesn’t make it worse. And I guess that I’ll have to struggle against that eating thing..

Btw. Hubby helped me to get some flags so now I’ll be able to see from where in the world people are reading my blog. Yeay!

People keep saying that I should make cake baking a career.. but just forget about that. I’m baking funny cakes because I like to do it.. because I want the kids to get funny cakes for theire birthdays, and ’cause it’s creative.. and it’s a good hobby. But I really don’t want to do it every day, all the time. Of course I’m sometimes baking cakes for friends. I can do that. -for my friends.. because I like them – and I like baking. But not for money. If I take any money for it at all.. it’s only for the ingredients – not for the work.

uhm.. hubby needs the computer for studying now..

What kind of scary-ass clowns came to your birthday parties? (Chandler Bing)



  1. But before I study, I need to comment your blog.
    Ok, I’ve commented. Now I need to study.

  2. By the way, be as fat as you want, sweetie. I still love you.
    And you’re right about the cakes. I mean, think about it. I wouldn’t want you to try to make a career out of everything you’re good at.
    There are some talents that I’d like you to keep only for me… 😉

  3. synd att inte förra designen funkade, för den var ju supersnygg. Den här är lite svårläst men den funkar väl också.

  4. I didn’t exactly mean that you should make baking a career, I mean, just look at what happened to Marge Simpson when she tried (her husband got her involved with the mafia and a white trash family ate all her dough). But it could be a way to get in some extra shekels if needed. 🙂

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