¤31 Noise and Penguin Cake

August 3, 2008

Yesterday we celebrated Efraim’s 4th birtday.. He was really tired though since he was so excited that he couldn’t sleep well in the night.

But after all he had a good day. 🙂

He asked for a penguin cake.. so I made him an iceberg with penguins on. =)

Today was a tough day.. very tired. It was so much noise from outside in the night. Teenagers shouting and screeming like crazy.. not just making regular teenagers noise.. sounds more like a big fight. It is every weekend the same thing. According to the law you’re not allowed to disturb your neigbors after midnight. So by 1.30 in the night we even called the police. Actually I’m very curious of what they are really doing .. maybe I’ll some time sneek out and hide in the bushes to se what is going on…

Today was a tough day.. I don’t have neither energy nor will to write about it.. it’s just that the middle girl is almost 3, and that explanation will be enough. Now the girls went to sleep. Only Efraim is still up and he really enjoys the time when the sisters are asleep so he can read and play without being interupted all the time.


One comment

  1. That there is one of the best looking cakes I have ever seen!

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