¤23 It has been a while – again

July 21, 2008

I thought I had written at least one post after we moved – but appearently I was wrong. There’s just a lot happening all the time and it is not my highest priority to keep the blog updated.. or I have another blog that I actually do update – but that one is in Swedish, and it is locked with a password. Since I have more fans there, and since I’m more free to add pictures and write more personal stuff because of the password – I tend to write there more frequently.


We moved… took a lots of time to get everything organized. We got the key like four days before the moving day.. and we found the apartment all dirty, and full of trash and broken furniture, and also the garden full of crap to take away.. which we didn’t even finished with. We had to take everything out and start cleaning and painting.. managed to paint half before we moved in.. and now it is really nice. The kid’s room is the best.. a very bright green.. =) 
And we are gonna paint the rest some time.

Hubby didn’t have much time to help.. he was busy studying for his tests. I don’t blame him for that. He is working full time + studying full time.

But we like the house and we are slowly slowly getting organized. We unpacked almost everything by now and it’s a great place to live. The kids are happy too.. riding the scooters(kick bike..) they got from my parents as an early birthday present a few days ago. We also have a little pool that they use every day. The just love it! It is nice to see them so happy!!

Life is going on just like before.. a lot to do with the kids all the time. The baby is already almost nine months by now, and screaming your ears off if you don’t let her be on the floor.. and if you put her on the floor you have to watch her all the time. She’s already walking if she is holding a couch or a table or something.. We call her “the little rocket” because of her speed.

Hmm.. I’m gonna add the pictures of the last two birthday cakes also. The cow cake we had when celebrating Efraim’s and my mom’s birthdays in advance a few days ago, and the frog cake Efraim brought to kindergarten to share with his friends when celebrating his birthday in advance there.. since there is no kindergarten in July and August – and his birthday is in August.

I hope I’ll be back sooner this time..

Have a good day!


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