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May 29, 2008

Yesterday I finally handed in the essay. Yeay! I finished!! Now there are only two more things to hand in before the end of the semester – June 11th. And then we’ll have a couple of weeks for packing.

I’m still excited about our new apartment… i want to move in now!..but I guess we’ll have to wait another month. There are so many things I want to do.. new stuff that I would like to buy.. le’at le’at (slowly slowly) 

Talitha is now crawling… she looks so funny because she’s very tiny.. only 6,5kg/14,3lbs .. which is really not much for her age (7 months) She looks like a little ant crawling around.. 🙂 And her pants obviously prefer to stay on the spot were she started crawling… they’re just way to big. 🙂 I’m looking forward to make her own room in the new apartment. Where we live now she’s kind of having her bed in a small room where we’re storing all kinds of crap. In the new place she’s going to have her own room.

Tonight I’m going to a birthday party… somebody turning 2,5 times older than I am.. Good that thatdudeyouknow is not working fridays any longer.. so I can do the shopping for the weekend (wich I usually do thursday evening) tomorrow without kids. yeay!

Today I have Efraim at home.. he’s always home from kindergarten thursdays.. today I have a headache and I’m really tired.. not that a good timing.

Anyway.. I asked him what he wants for his 4th birthday (beginning of August) and he said that he wants a bunch of kids (friends I guess.. or I definitely hope he doesn’t meen a bunch of new brothers..haha) ..and he wants “everything”, and “a lot”.. That helps a lot! or not…

I think we’ll buy them that plastic pool that I was talking about – for his birthday.. and maybe he needs some new stuff for the room.. I hope we’ll get some ideas when we move in to the new place. I really don’t have any ideas. We were thinking of a bike.. but since we want him to learn without training wheels I think he’ll have to wait another year.

Please tell me how to spell which wich ….aaa.. whatever?? No matter how I spell it, it looks wrong. 


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  1. It’s “which” 😉

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