¤17 Moving Out

May 21, 2008

Today our landlord told us that he has sold the apartment and that we have to move out before July 31st. He promised us to give us 4 months to find something else.. but that appearently wasn’t true. We get 2 months only! And since our contract will expire at June 30th, we have nothing to say about it..

We’ll just have to accept the situation and start looking for a new place.. wich is not so easy since there is a lack of apartments here..

Anyway.. I’m dreaming of a house with four or five rooms.. and a little garden where the children can play.. where they can have little pool in the summer.. That would be like a paradise for us. Where we live now is an old apartment at the third floor, no elevator.. and only a tiny little balcony for laundry.



  1. I will send you prayers and good wishes to find your perfect haven!!! Let us know what you find….

  2. Ditto Amber, good luck 🙂 Perhaps God is showing you that now hubby has a new job you can make dreams reality with pools and flowers 🙂
    Will send you & yours my prayers *hugs*

  3. haha.. yes it is amazing how everything tends to happen at the same time..

    of course my intention was not a real pool – only a tiny little plastic pool for the kids..

    But a garden.. where the kids can play.. where we can build our own sukkah for the Feast of tabernacles.. where we can enjoy the cool evening wind from Jerusalem after a hot summer day… etc.

    haha.. you see.. I’m dreaming

    Thanks for the prayers!

  4. “God can do exeedingly, abundantly, above all you can ask or dream…”

    Eph.3:20 (Amplified version)

    Keep dreaming!

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