First day in new life

May 20, 2008

Just a short post before preparing the dinner..

First of all.. I decided to give up that idea to always start the post with a picture… well.. yes. It looks nice.. But I think I would write more frequently if I don’t have to find a stupid picture every time. I defenitely have to learn to point the camera at something else.. and not only at our beautiful kids.. haha

Thatdudeyouknow will soon finish his first day at his new work… I can’t wait to hear how it was.. but since I don’t want to disturb him with phone calls.. I’ll wait anyway.

This is really a new start for us.. New job, hopefully better economy and hopefully he will come home earlier, and be able to see the kids in the evening. We’re also thinking of a try to eat more healthy.. we both gained weight this last few months.. wich we would be happy to loose again.. At his old work.. we were able to eat dinner together only in the weekends.. and he had his lunch at work. From now on he will bring his food from home.. so then it is easier to make it more healthy.

I’m still working with my stupid essays.. and I realized I’ll be “overbooked” until June 8th. I have a lot to do.. but then I’ll have two wonderful months of rest! yeay!

I really think I should prepare the food for the kids now. They are in a really bad mood.



  1. Wish you all the best with your “new start” … and your weight loss!
    You are the one who inspired me to start blogging. Thanks! But I don’t think I’ll ever be as expressive and eloquent as you are though 😉

  2. That can’t be true, since I don’t even know what eloquent means. 🙂

  3. Engelska till svenska
    1. eloquent [‘elgkwgnt] adj. vältalig, bildl. talande

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