¤15 I want to bring a crocodile to Greenland

May 15, 2008

Warning text inside the storage basket of strollerI’m still struggling with the essay… passed half the time I had for it.. did definitely not finished half the essay – and I have absolutely no idea how to get enough time – even if I study on shabat – wich I prefer not to do – but if the only other choice is the second chance in the summer – shabat is better..

Today I went shopping… for a whole week. Nice to do that again.. if not – I have to go to do shopping with the kids every single day and that takes me a lot of time and energy that I could use for other things.

On the way to the mall (walking) a car drove up behind me, stopped, they opened the window and asked if I wanted a lift to the mall. It was the delivery truck.. delivering people’s groceries home from the supermarket. (including ours.. You pay 20 shekels/$6 to get it delivered within two hours.. good service for us who don’t have a car) The guys already recognize me and know that I do my shoppings every Thursday evening… Soo.. I got a lift with the arab delivery guys.. new experience! 🙂

Baby Talitha is finally starting to eat solids.. today I got her to eat a whole jar of rice, potatoes and vegetables!! The energy she got from that she used to do some exercises.. like standing on hands and toes with belly and knees in the air.. loosing balance, rolling over, bumping head into the floor – crying.. hugging.. going back to floor – doing exactly the same thing over again! Third kid.. but still so amazing to see them learn..

Emunah is btw. sleeping without diaper for the first time… we’ll see how it goes..

Now I should study.

The title has nothing to do with the post itself.
Though I would like to go to Greenland some time.


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  1. Trevligt med skjuts till köpcentret. Kram!

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