¤9 Who is paranoid?

May 4, 2008

At the moment I’m quite mad at wordpress.. it is supposed to save my post every now and then when I’m writing – right? It saved my title and the tags. That’s it. Grrr.

Soo.. I’ll just quckly try to say what I said.

When I started with this blog I decided to start every single post with a picture.. or appropriate picture.. or one that is lo kashur bichlal. This far it fell on that second opinion a little bit too much I think. Well.. I also decided to not post so many pictures of our cute little kids.. but it turns out that’s not an easy combination (pictures without kids..) My husband thinks I’m a bit paranoid when I don’t want to publish pictures of the kids.. But I wonder who he is to say that.. when he himself is double locking the door when going out with the trash even if I’m home!! That maybe would make sense in Johannesburg.. but not here.

We hade a nice weekend with nice people.. Friday evening we watched Fiddler on the Roof. Maybe we should take a break from that movie for some time now. We’ve seen it three times within less than half a year now. But on the other hand it is a good movie so I wouldn’t suffer from seeing it again.

I was planning to post something funny from youtube.. but or I’m stupid or the computer is to slow. Because it doesn’t work. So let’s take that some other time.

It is time for me to continue studying.. Today we should get the subject for the essay. Last time I checked the homepage for my class didn’t even work. I hope he will solve the problem soon so that I can get started with the essay.

If some of the tags doesn’t make sense – it could be that I forgot to write things that I wrote in the original post.

Shavua tov!

Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like banana.



  1. Locking the door twice and not once is a habit, not paranoia. YOUR thing is paranoia.
    The last italic thingie is a quote from Groucho Marx. Please buy me all his movies for my next unbirthday (tomorrow).

  2. Not every habit is a good habit..

    “thingie” !?! – and you blame ME for ending some swedish words with “is”

    I had an unbirthday only a few days ago and I didn’t get anything. hrmpf!

  3. Btw. That’s my BEST picture ever..

  4. Ending a word with -is is the best way to end a word. =)

  5. Hi Cutie,

    I totally understand why you wouldn’t want pictures of your children on the internet. There are some truly sick individuals out there.

    I hate flies. If they land on my food thats it Im done. Gross!

    As for being paranoid… I find that there are far greater things for me to expend my energy on… you might want to give that some thought.

  6. “As for being paranoid… I find that there are far greater things for me to expend my energy on… you might want to give that some thought.”

    Excuse me.. but.. what? Sorry.. I just don’t understand this last sentence.. how do you mean?

    Btw. I hate flies too.

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