¤8 done, not done, done

April 30, 2008

Tuesday university chat -done
.. we had quite a good discussion about communism and other stuff.. But I’m still a bit behind with the reading. And this weekend the teacher is going to give us the subject for the essay we have to write. I’ll have two weeks to work on that.. two busy weeks.

Independencce day – not done yet
We’ll next week celebrate our independence day… 60 years since 1948. And I’m going to bake a birthday cake for our country… though only some of our closest friends are going to actually get a piece..

That reminds me that I have to publish the picture of my cakes some time.. you who have read my husbands blog might know I would never bake a normal cake. 🙂

Potty training – done She’s such a good girl.. learned very fast. Today I didn’t even had to remind her every now and then.

I don’t think I will have so much time over for blogging the next few weeks. I’ll probably write some shorter posts now and then. There are some blogs that I would like to get a bit more into.. read older posts.. comment on stuff. But I’ll just have to do that later when I’m not so busy. (I have no idea when that will happen..)

They started to build a new synagogue close to our son’s kindergarten. And guess what? They closed the shortcut were we used to walk to get there.. so now when he went back after the passover vacation suddenly it takes us almost double as long to get there.(walking.. we don’t have a car) Why do bad things happen to good people? Ok.. I don’t even want an answer.

Amber.. I just wanted to tell you that the reason why I don’t comment on your blog when it comes to politics, religion etc.. is that I’m not that discussing kind of person. I have my opinions.. It is just that discussion sucks. (At this point that dude wouldn’t agree..) I’ll be happy to continue commenting on other kinds of posts.

Ok.. so here is my last conversation with my husband:

Me – Are you sleeping on purpose?
Tobias – I don’t know. Who is Purpose?



  1. :oD

    One of my favorite dumb questions: Are you sleeping? I always answer “yes” when my wife asks….

  2. Our computer’s name is Hildur, and our plant’s name is Lennart.
    How would I know if you’ve decided to name our sofa Purpose?

    I fell asleep because the second derivation of functions with two variables were too much for my little poor brain.

  3. Wow, I’m sleepy already!

    By the way, Amber wants you to comment on her blog so you can gang up with her on your husband.

  4. Except for when it comes to jokes.. In public I would always agree with my husband even if I disagree – and then have a private talk with him. So I’m sorry – the only fights you will see will be on the “putting ice in boxers”-level

  5. Well, that’s always good for a few laughs… just don’t do it so often that he comes to expect it….

  6. Hey.. you don’t have to comment on any of my blogs sweetie. I write to get my thoughts out.

    My blog really started out as something for only myself. A place to write my thoughts because of my illness to be honest. Tell things here that I cant tell in real life to my loved ones because it hurts them too much to hear it. Then I started just writing whatever.

    Your husband along with Robert, Ilegirl, Sanityfound, Visionary, and a few others help me grow with these discussions. Your husband always has a really great point of view when it comes to the bible and I learn from him constantly. (Dang you made me admit that – I hope he’s not reading).

    Anyway, this is a chance for us in different places, with different points of view to communicate with each other. To learn. How will we learn if we are not challenged? If our ideas arent discussed with those people we respect and admire. Sometimes, we wont agree. But that isn’t the point. Its the exchange that is important.

    In the end, I hope to learn and teach tollerance. And by all of us talking about these tough issues together, we could maybe come up with some answers. Its way better than bombs don’t you think?

    Besides… your husband just loves to give me a good beating when its deserved…lol. Its sport.

    The nice thing is that everyone at the core is friends… and we all know where we really stand afterwards… agreeing or not.

    Hope this makes you feel better.


  7. Love todays picture =)

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