¤6 Sabbath

April 26, 2008

I’ll keep this blog short. My husband promised the kids to play a letter learning game on the computer in another ten minutes.

Today we have shabat – a wonderful day of rest. Yesterday was busy. Tobias had a crazy day at work and came home only at 4 pm. So my plan to send him out with the kids to the playground while I was cleaning the house didn’t work out. But at least we had a nice and lazy evening, watching Friends.. The rest of the week we are studying in the evening so there is no time left for watching TV. Of course we should do other “more social” stuff too. But we are usually soo tired.. 

Sabbath is such a blessing.. of course a lot to do on Friday in order to have all the food for the weekend prepared, and to clean the whole house. Especially since I’m home alone with three kids. But it is just so worth it.. because then we have a whole day of rest – together with the family.. No cooking, no cleaning.. aaah! 

This afternoon we started potty training our 2,5 year old girl.. didn’t go so well this far. I guess I’ll have to clean the floor a lot next week..

They want the computer now.

Shabat shalom


One comment

  1. Gosh, you make me smile. Sounds like the absolute perfect Sabbath.

    Im trying to remember my Jewish teachings. (I grew up believing I was Jewish from age 7 to 14). Long bizarre story, don’t ask.

    So… Im wondering… could you spread the cooking out through the week to prepare for sabbath? I do that… I cook meals… like the main meat and split it down to different dishes making something different out of it. Then its all done no worries. Would that work? I know there are certain things you HAVE to do for Sabbath – the cleaning, and certain preps, but the cooking….????? Maybe it would give you a bit more time and not feel so rushed?

    I remember every Friday baking Challah. I still do that on occassion when Im feeling up to it. I just LOVE it, and it brings back happy memories of my stepmother taking me through it step by step.

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