¤5 Baby born in bathroom – 6 months ago

April 24, 2008

Today, it has been six months since I gave birth to Talitha, at home. We were planning to go to the hospital. But at the end she came so fast that I didn’t even managed to get out from the bathroom. My parents were still in the cab on the way from town, and we didn’t even had time to call for an ambulance. She was born after only two hours of contractions – that were not so regular, not so painful, and they were way too short to think that the baby would be born within the next few hours. But we were wrong. Suddenly the water broke – and within two minutes she was born – in that tiny little bathroom on the picture. (I took the picture to save for her as a memory.) I pushed only once – and my husband caught her when she came flying like a projectile. I don’t even remember that I was in pain. I don’t think I was. If you want to read more of this story  – my husband wrote about it in his blog a month ago.

A nurse once told me that I should be grateful for what happened.. that many women would be jealous  of me for such an easy birth. And I really am grateful.. Everything was just natural and easy. No doctors, no nurses, no pain, panic or fear. Maybe this was the way God intended it to be? I know how hard and painful it usually is to give birh. I’ve done that twice too. But this time it was just amazing. She really is a gift – the happiest, easiest and cutest baby you can think.. She was a happy surprise, and she surprised us again by the way she was born. I wonder what her next surprise will be…



  1. That is such an amazing story. I commented on it when Tobias wrote about it. How blessed you are! I guess in those situations instinct takes over and you have no time to panic.

    When I see pictures of your beautiful children it makes me smile – they do look like their daddy (especially your son)- but don’t tell him that… gives him a swelled head.


  2. Uh-oh! Head is swelling! It keeps swelling! Take cover! It’s about to explode!

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