¤4 Mega blocks and coffee

April 23, 2008

Today I saved the afternoon by giving back to the kids the mega blocks that I took away months ago – when they just spread the pieces all over and then played with the basket. Now they are happy to have it again. And they are building a cake for me to celebrate.. I hope I don’t have to taste it.. Best of all – even Talitha can play with those blocks.. so she joined them when she woke up after her nap. (after picture was taken) Wonderful to se all three of them playing together. I think we will see more of that in the future. That is one of all the good reasons to have all kids in about the same age. It is 14 months between Efraim and Emunah, and a little bit more than 2 years between Emunah and Talitha. They’re going to grow up together.. and hopefully have fun together.

Anyway.. I woke up this morning with a sore throat and head ache. Wonderful! – not! So today I’m letting myself drink as much coffee as I want. That’s great!

I was thinking a couple of days ago… It is interesting with coffee.. We’re drinking mainly instant coffee. The filter coffee comes in small packs and is very expensive in Israel. And it is not even as good as the coffee you get in Sweden. Though we ask family and friends to bring when they come to visit. Now – the interesting thing is that when I have been drinking instant coffe for a while – I find the “real coffee” so thin and tasteless.. And after drinking only filter coffee for a while – the instant is so bitter and tastes really bad. In my last pregnancy I couldn’t stand the smell from instant coffee.. but filter coffee I could drink without a problem.
Still.. I have no idea wich coffee is the best.. as long as I get some kind of – with milk, without sugar – I’m happy!

In another half an hour it’s time to give the kids something to eat and then give them all a bath before bed time.



  1. We are so spoiled here in the US. Coffee everywhere you go. I don’t even remember what instant tastes like anymore. But I have to say, that I do find the price of coffee to be outrageous and buy what is on sale. Silly.

    Watching your children play must be so beautiful. I can only imagine how your heart would swell at the site.

  2. I’m glad things are ok. I was worried this morning when I left. So they actually play all three together now? That’s so great! Just explain to the big ones that Talitha doesn’t hit them with the blocks on purpose…

    Coffee is good. No matter the type. Drinking it as God created it – black as the sky on a moonless night.

    I have some stuff to finish here in the office, and then I’ll be back home to nibble on your ear in no time.

  3. If you want the coffee as God created it you should chew the beans raw.. not even roasted. Because that’s how he created coffee!
    Myself I prefer to drink it roasted, grounded, filtered and with some milk added. Because God gave me the wisdom to do so.

  4. oooh I can tell Im going to like you… you are fiesty! Good… just what he deserves after bashing me on my blog…lol

  5. I’m considering two different comments on this:


    “Haha! Good answer, honey! 😉
    I will ignore Amber’s comment that is apparently intended to make it look like we’re arguing.”


    “Oh, yeah… well… God gave me wisdom to.. to.. to not come up with any good answer… uhm… something about you that is mean! Uhm… you don’t have all your umbrellas in the same submarine! Uhm…
    I have no idea what I’m saying. Are you two going to beat me up together?”

    I’m leaning towards the first one, I don’t want to sound like I’m arguing with my wife. On the other hand, I hope Amber won’t take that one too seriously and get her feelings hurt… Maybe I’ll use the first one and take away the passage about Amber? But then I’ll be ignoring her post. But if I aknowledge Amber’s post without saying anything against it, then I’ll have to argue with my wife and I’m back at comment two.

    I’ll just post both comments and my pondering which one to choose.

  6. Hi Holeycheese,

    Just checking out your blog on your husband’s advice (thatdudeyouknow… is that really his name?).

    Anyway, I agree with you: my kids were 2 years apart and they are inseparable to this day (15 y.o. boy and 13 y.o. girl).

    And by the way… there’s a store here in California that sells chocolate-covered espresso beans. They’re roasted, so they aren’t exactly as God intended, but they’re pretty good nonetheless. I think the chocolate makes up for the roasting or something.

    Blessings to you and your family!

    P.S. Holeycheese? I’m guessing it’s a Swiss thing… you guys sure have funny names.

  7. Robert – well yes to me he is pretty much that dude I know.. so why not?

    I guess our kids will also be inseparable in the way you describe.. I want them to have what I didn’t have. I didn’t have much in common with my siblings, because they were way too old.

    Sounds interesting with those chocolate covered espresso beans. Sounds a bit bitter maybe? It would defenitely be worth a try if I should stumble upon something like that.

    Holeycheese.. that’s simple – cheese with holes. nothing else. Nothing Swiss.. not Swedish either (wich would make more sense about the fact that we have Swedish background and not Swiss 😉 )

  8. I think the chocolate takes care of the bitterness, too.

    And I seem to have a bad case of not-paying-attention today, so please disregard anything I write that is trying to sound witty but instead just doesn’t make sense.

  9. The choclolate covered expresso beans are a lot of sweetened milk chocolate with a tine coffee bean inside. Between the sugar in the chocolate, and the caffine in both, it works out pretty well.

  10. Soo – any volunteer to send us a pack?? Sounds very interesting 🙂

  11. Absolutely. Of course, the Postmaster here would probably open it to make sure it wasn’t anything dangerous, then eat them.

  12. Holycheese… tell Tobias to email me your address… I have a brand new pack I can send you.

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