¤3 Car in box

April 22, 2008

This is a picture of a road sign, taken in Norway about six years ago. Does anyone have a clue what it means? “Please fold your car up and put it in the deposit box below.” or “Caution, your car might fall into a perfect shaped hole.” Huh?

Btw. The picture was stolen from my brother. I haven’t been to Norway since summer 1985.

Anyway.. I had quite a lazy day with the kids. I spent some time preparing rice porridge and egg salad. It is hard to find food that the kids like now for passover. They prefer sandwiches and yoghurt with oats, pasta etc. Bingo! Well.. they are happy anyway.. just eating a bit less and maybe a bit less healthy. But it’s only for a week so I guess that’s ok.

We also went out to buy some juice. The weather is hot (33C/91F) and Emunah (2,5 years old) is a bit picky. She won’t drink larger amounts of water.

Lately I’ve got so many ideas of how I want to change our home.. buying new stuff, sewing new curtains with matching pillow cases etc. Of course it is a matter of money.. but I would be happy to start with small cheap stuff – that are still making a difference. We have been married for five years now – and still 3/4 of all our stuff is second hand. I’m sooo tired of that. But I guess we should wait. We’ll anyway probably have to move within half a year.

I guess I should continue studying now. We’ve had so many guests coming and going the last month, so I’m at the moment two weeks after with the reading. Actually I have no idea what I’m studying.. probably the 21st century.. maybe the world wars and the cold war? I’d better figure that out!

Heelp! The ducks are coming!



  1. I’m guessing you meant the 20th century? There aren’t that many years to study yet in the 21st. Unless you speculate about future history.
    I’m behind also. I should get to study now… you’re sitting behind me studying the horrors of Elvis Presley’s hips while I’m commenting on your blog.

  2. Duh! Besserwisser! I can’t help I’m messing up the centuries!

  3. Var det en allvarlig fråga(den om skylten alltså)? den betyder att det finns möjlighet att tömma latrintanken, inte så roligt kanske (vissa länder har en tydligare skylt, eller tydligare o tydligare, där ser det ut som att man ska spola ner sin husvagn i toaletten…)

  4. Ok well yes, I can help you with the picture 🙂 It is an RV/Camper/Motor Home waste dump. Meaning that you can dump your waste (sewage tanks) there.

    I understand how hard it is starting out. I really do. It sucks to have to make do with this and that. But the thing is that as you get more, you will really appreciate those things.

    One of the things about me is that I have a background in design – and I really know how to make the most out of your money with really easy tips… so Id be more than happy to help you. Sometimes rearranging things will give you a whole new look, with little or no money!

  5. Ida and Amber – that was just what I thought.. But my explanations were funnier. 🙂

  6. I had never seen that sign before… It reminds me of the swedish movie “Jönssinligan” when they steal a diamond from a truck by entering it from a manhole.

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