¤1 What’s the difference between a cheese?

April 20, 2008

Me and ThatdudeyouknowSo I guess this is it. I’m stuck with a new blog – this time open, and in English. I haven’t decided yet what my main approach for the blog will be… I’ll figure that out.

I’m a young mom with three kids, born in Sweden, living in Israel – raising our kids with two languages and two cultures.

When it comes to baking and cooking I’m a happy amateur with lots of ideas. You’ll probably see pictures of some of them in the future…

I neither eat hummus nor halva, but I still feel more Israeli than Swedish.

I use google to find out anything, anywhere any time.

I get annoyed when I hear a language that I don’t understand. Good reason to continue learning.

I’m happily married to thatdudeyouknow. So try to avoid hitting on me! Duh!

What’s the difference between a cheese? – There are holes in the cheese but there is no cheese in the holes.



  1. Just saying Hi 🙂
    Letting you know I stopped by…

  2. Wow! You’re sooo beautiful!
    Wanna share bed tonight? 😉

  3. thatdudeyouknow – this isn’t a space to perv your wife – sheesh get a room. Poor thing…

    Anyway… You go girl. If you need baking and cooking ideas… Id be happy to help.



  4. hummos is just overrated! im trying so hard to like it! im getting there slowly but safe! one day i will eat hummos! and like it!

  5. Amber – what’s pervy about that? Sharing a bed while sleeping. We do that every night as any other married couple. I think you have a dirty mind 😉
    Nenne – Hummos is good, you just don’t like it the first time you try. You need to learn to love it. Just like coffee and beer. Good luck!

  6. Yeh right …. 😛

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